In my mix with the world, I have had occasion this morning to think hard about the recent death of David Carr.

Here is a nice 2008 piece from The Times if you do not know David’s work. We never met, but might have been friends.

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I am feeling extra sad this morning. I have had a fair bit of this sort of sad traveling recently, but tears this morning, as I look within and also reach out.

I think I have a very good sense of my strengths,
but this morning I feel very, very close to my failings.
I find myself in possession of some remarkable second chances.
And, I can see how easily it could have all gone otherwise.

So this morning, feeling fortunate, and feeling blue, knowing full well that I did not get here by some special merit, I am listening to this favorite cover of Bob Marley, by a couple old white dudes. I have always loved Johnny Cash. He seems like a guy who retained a sense of his fallibility through every success and second chance.

Screenshot 2015-02-17 11.56.37

David Carr was like that too. A very fortunate guy who came back from the dead.

Kindred spirits those.

Deep bow and condolences to all mourning David Carr as they lay him to rest today.

Maybe especially to his girls.

My own girls, Sarah​, Emma​, and Chelsea​, have been my best second chances ever.

Namaste to All Y’all


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  1. Yvonne Awenat

    Hi Kelly,
    You know my research interest is suicidality and we are currently mid study of a 3yr study (RCT) of a suicadility targeted CBT, I try to influence the manual development towards more ACTy  approaches so for me  a section around helping someone in crisis who denies even holding any values would be great.

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