We live in a world ready to treat suffering as a disease, to treat differences as diseases, to medicate every discomfort. Before we run to the medicine cabinet, we should think hard about conditions of life that may be contributing to our suffering and let living well be the first medicine. It may not be the only medicine, but we can make it the first medicine.
If you have been following my last few years chasing optimal conditions for human well-being, I have a talk coming up in San Rafael, California on the evening of February 24th.
This talk is not just for scientists and professionals. The talk will be open to the public.
Bring your family, bring your friends, send your clients!
In this public lecture, I will briefly introduce conditions that very clearly contribute to depression, anxiety, addiction, and many other forms of mental illness. He will introduce a program of small actions that every person, no matter how ill, no matter what circumstance, can hack their lives and improve physical and mental health. A steady program of harm reduction can make more abundant living possible.
We may not be able to “fix” the world, but we can make ourselves, our children, friends, and clients stronger and more resilient.
And, we do not need to wait a single moment to begin!
Please come and share an evening of #DeepestKindness #GentlePersistence #1stMedicine
The admission is $35, but you get a $15 discount using the discount code onelife
If you are registered for the San Rafael ACT Bootcamp, admission is free.

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