SELF-CARE and SELF-COMPASSION WORKSHOPS: EARLY REGISTRATION EXTENDED UNTIL THE 4TH of JULY. Cape Cod is full, but we have space in our Durham and Asheville workshops and we are going to extend early registration prices until the 4th of July.
These workshops are focused on self-care and self-compassion from an ACT perspective. The workshops are part of a larger conversation I want to have with members of the public.
There are a large cluster of highly modifiable risk factors for mental health troubles.

We will take a deep dive into self-care and self-compassion. We will cultivate the deepest kindness.

This conversation is bigger than psychology. We are inviting people from a wide variety of healthcare, education, and business attend.

A number of participants are bringing their partners along. We encourage you to do so. All of these practices are better done with others.

So bring a partner, bring a friend and join us for two days of #deepestkindness. 

Couldn’t you use a little of that?
In Asheville, we are at a little resort just outside Asheville. It should be a treat.

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