(you don’t need to attend to donate–every penny goes to the girls)
My Sunday Morning-Busy:
1. Call my senators and congressman and tell them to end unAmerican attack on our Muslim brothers and sisters (check)
2. Make donation to ACLU (check)
3. Buy ACLU swag for self and constitutions to give away (check)
4. Send love to Sarah Khan: JazakAllah Khair, who is giving a Tedx on Islamophobia (check)
5. Finish EVOS chapter (in progress)
6 Send Rec letters (close)
7. Prep for workshop trip to Europe including two talks on Doing Good and Being Well in a Scary World to benefit Commit & ACT effort to build girl’s shelter in Sierra Leone (in progress)
8. Appreciate the fact that little girls in Sierra Leone are cheering for me because your donations might make it so they can build another bathroom at their shelter (check)
9. Urge you to make a donation to Commit and ACT directly at THIS LINK even if you can’t come to the talk in Edinburgh or Copenhagen (check)
8. Prep explanation for my department for why ALL this IS part of my job at the university (gritting teeth)
10. Announce topic for ACT Seminar this week is LOVE. REAL LOVE. #noretreat (check)
11. Go to yoga (looking forward to it) 
Sending Special Love to All of My Muslim Brothers and Sisters-JazakAllah Khair!
Peace Out From Oxford, Mississippi (yes, Mississippi!)

Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D.

and 12. 

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